Ed Miliband
The results will be a blow to Miliband as his party sunk to a five-year poll low Getty

The Conservatives now command a two-point-lead over Labour as a Green popularity surge pushed Ed Miliband's party to a five-year low.

A poll from YouGov for The Sun, which was conducted between the 19 and 20 January, also showed that the Green Party had a three-point hike.

The results put the Tories on 32% (unchanged), Labour on 30% (down from 32%), the Liberal Democrats on 8% (unchanged), Ukip on 15% (unchanged) and the Greens on 10% (up from 7%).

The findings mean that Miliband's party has shrunk to a five-year low as the Greens gain in popularity.

The research will be a boost for the David Cameron as we head closer to polling day in May.

The Prime Minister announced yesterday (20 January) that a Conservative government would commit to "full employment" in the UK.

But a separate poll from ICM for The Guardian put Labour on a three-point-lead over the Tories (33% vs 30%).

The survey, which questioned more than 1,000 respondents between 16 and 19 January, also put the Liberal Democrats and Ukip on 11% and the Greens on 9%.

"The parties we used to relegate to the margins with the term 'others' are now moving centre stage," said Martin Boon of ICM.

"The combined forces of all those outside the old LibLabCon triopoly has never been stronger during three decades of Guardian/ICM polling."