An undercover operation carried out by The Sunday Times, which revealed the head of The Royal British Legion Lt General Sir John Kiszely, saying he could offer to help firms lobby for arms deals. Has announced his immediate resignation, of the Royal British Legion, in light of the allegations.

In the footage, filmed by The Sunday Times , two undercover reporters posed as representatives of a South Korean arms company offering to hire Sir John - for £110,000 a year - to help sell a drone to the Ministry of Defence. Sir John allegedly said that his role gave him top-level access at "various extremely boring affairs". He is shown saying he would be able to speak to the prime minister, the defence secretary and the chief of the defence staff at a Remembrance Day event.

In his letter of resignation to the Royal British legion chairman John Farmer. Sir John said he had always kept his "role of national president completely separate from any business interests". "But I made exaggerated and foolish claims to the contrary, incompatible with my position in the Legion."

Ministry of Defence said it was investigating whether it was possible for anyone to secure "privileged access" and whether any rules had been broken. An investigation is now on going.

Written and presented by Ann Salter