The Tories are secretly planning "massive" cuts in the NHS over the next Parliament, according to Ed Miliband.

The Labour leader alleged the reductions would be at a faster pace "than seen in the last five years" and that David Cameron's party had a "secret plan" to cut the health service.

"Never has the gap between the chancellor's rhetoric and the reality of people's lives been greater than it was today," Miliband said.

"This is a budget people won't believe from a government that's not on their side because of their record, because of their instincts, because of their plans for the future and because of a budget that, most extraordinarily, had no mention of investment in our NHS and our vital public services."

He added: "It's a budget people won't believe, from a government they don't trust.

"This chancellor has failed the working families of Britain. For the first time since the 1920s, people are earning less at the end of a government than they were at the beginning. It's a recovery for the few from the government of the few."

Miliband made the remarks after Osborne unveiled his final budget of this Parliament to MPs in the House of Commons.

The chancellor, among other things, revealed the government would give the North Sea oil industry £1.3bn ($1.9bn) in support, cut the lifetime pension allowance limit to £1m from next year and slash the rates on beer, cider, whisky and other distilled spirits.

The announcement comes with just 49 days to go before the general election, with Labour two points ahead of the Tories (36% vs 34%) in the opinion polls.

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