George Osborne
George Osborne wants to shift powers away from London to city authorities Getty

George Osborne will hand major cities more power as the chancellor looks to shift the balance away from London.

Under the proposals, cities that elect their own mayor will have control over healthcare, transport and policing.

Other powers expected to be devolved include those steering housing and planning.

The changes, which will be in the Queen's Speech under the Cities Devolution Bill later this month, will hand city authorities control of mutli-billion pound budgets and is a "revolution in the way we govern England", Osborne will say.

Speaking in Manchester, the chancellor will put an end to the London policy factory "that has made people feel remote from the decisions that affect their lives" and is "broken".

As well as cities, the government will push ahead with devolution for Wales and Scotland, as outlined in the Conservative manifesto.

The chancellor last year heralded Greater Manchester's 10 council's decision to elect its first mayor as "a massive moment for the north of England", one year after the people of the city voted against the idea.

Devolving power to cities gathered momentum after the Conservatives won a majority at the general election with a pledge to close the north/south divide and create a "northern powerhouse".

The region has been promised more than £18bn by 2030.