A German job centre has offered a teenager work as a waitress at a brothel in Augsburg.

Christine Hirmer, 19, was offered a 42-hours-per-week job at the Colosseum brothel, serving drinks to those who use prostitutes at the establishment.

German newspaper Augsburger Allgemeine reports that Hirmier was mortified when she received the letter from the German Labour Office.

"I was looking for a decent housekeeping job - not working at a brothel bar," she told the local paper.

"I was totally shocked when I read the letter. My mother even started screaming out loud when she read the letter."

The job centre has since apologised for the "oversight", with Roland Fuerst, head of the labour office, saying the agency had made a mistake - even though it knew Colosseum was a brothel.

He said the office should have checked with Hirmer first to see if she would be willing to work in a brothel, rather than just sending her a letter suggesting she apply.

Sex and relaxation

Prostitution in Germany is legal and the Colosseum's website describes the venue as a "private nudists' and sauna club".

It boasts a huge "sex and relaxation" area: "Available for your pleasure is a lustful 'Sex and Relaxation Area', spread out over more than 2500 square metres.

"A sophisticated atmosphere and a generous Roman flair await you. No bounds are placed upon your imagination."

Colosseum also has a swimming pool, as well as a sauna world and plunge pool. The brochure reads: "Whether alone or together with a girl, you may use the swimming pool as often you like ... just the thing to freshen yourself up, for the temperatures in the Colosseum are "tropical" all the year round.

"In the Colosseum many saunas are available for your constant use. After visiting the sauna, [you have] a wide choice of showers... or simply jump in to the plunge pool/cooling basin - an ideal form of refreshment. Whether on your own or with a lady is entirely up to you."

Tickets to the Colosseum are priced at €50 (£42) on Mondays and the venue has over 40 "models".