The strike by groundhandlers at Germany's airports has caused major disruptions and flight cancellations across several airports in the country affecting thousands of passengers.

The groundhandlers in Frankfurt airport are on a strike from 0300 to 1230 GMT demanding a 6.5% increase in the salaries of Germany's public sector employees this year.

The strike is expected to hit passengers in other airports including Munich airport, Duesseldorf, Cologne and Stuttgart. Some of the airlines have already cancelled their flights. Lufthansa has scrapped more than 400 flights for Tuesday at Germany's largest airports. Air Berlin is also said to have cancelled more than 20 flights and warned about delays and further cancellations an account of the strike.

Frankfurt Airport said in a statement: "Due to a public sector strike across Germany on Tuesday, March 27, disruptions and flight cancellations are likely to occur also at Frankfurt Airport.

"Passengers are advised to check the website of their airline or to contact the airline directly and to keep informed via the media."

The strike is part of a wave of industrial action by the German trade union Verdi that has hit schools, public transport and public administration offices. A series of strikes at Frankfurt Airport last month over a separate pay dispute saw hundreds of short-haul flights cancelled. This dispute was settled on 21 March, reported AFP.

Now the Verdi Union is on strike again demanding a salary hike for all public sector employees this year. They are due to talk on 28 March and 29 March

The strikes should "accelerate the talks," AFP quoted Verdi head Frank Bsirske as saying.

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