Russia will not see Germany's bratwurst for a while Reuters

Russia has retaliated to sanctions imposed on it by a justice league of global trading partners by banning imports of fruit, vegetables, meat, fish and dairy products from the US, EU, Australia, Canada and Norway.

In this instance Germany will be hit hardest, as it exported $1.83bn of food to Russia in 2013, according to Reuters. The Germany-Russia export losses will be closely followed by Poland's, which supplied the country with $1.55bn worth.

Russia imported $1.54bn from the United States last year; the Netherlands, France, Italy and Spain were the other high ranking suppliers.

Interestingly, cheese and curd make up the largest produc to be imported by Russia from the EU - $1.31bn worth of it. The $310m worth of meat that it buys from the US seems paltry in comparison.

Nuts are Russia's second biggest import from the US: $170m worth in 2013.

Top Suppliers to Russia from the list of banned importers

  1. Germany - $1.83bn
  2. Poland - $1.55bn
  3. USA - $1.54bn
  4. Netherlands - $1.42bn
  5. France - $1.42bn
  6. Italy - $1.34bn
  7. Spain - $1.26bn

Top five banned EU food exports to Russia

  1. Cheese and curd - $1.31bn
  2. Swine meat - fresh, chilled or frozen - $1.29bn
  3. Apples, pears and quinces - $0.71bn
  4. Chocolate and other food containing cocoa - $0.40bn
  5. Pig and poultry fat - $0.35bn

Top five banned US food exports to Russia

  1. Meat & edible offal of poultry meat - $0.31bn
  2. Nuts (unspecified) - $0.17bn
  3. Soya beans, whether or not broken - $0.16bn
  4. Live bovine animals - $0.15bn
  5. Fish - $0.06bn