An 85-year-old Woolton man suffering from Alzheimer's has left the Internet in tears after he sung "You'll Never Walk Alone" at his birthday party.

The father of six, grandfather of 13 and great-grandfather of 16 celebrate his 85th birthday with 30 family members present on Monday (19 February). In front of a crowd, Joe Hawkins broke out the famous anthem of Liverpool FC, a team he has supported all his life.

"Grandad Joe" even once worked at the club as a steward. According to the Liverpool Echo, his youngest grandchild Laura McNally, 26, said he broke out into song when a hired singer for the day started on "You'll Never Walk Alone."

"He obviously loves it but we never expected him to be able to sing along like that," McNally said. "Everyone was crying, even the carers who look after him. It was a very emotional moment. He doesn't really remember much as he has had Alzheimer's for many years, but he still remembered the words to his favourite song."

Rebecca Smith, a freelance hairdresser, posted the video on Twitter and was met by an overwhelming response.

Among the dozens of replies was Liverpool FC's official Twitter account:

Even Everton FC fans were getting on board with the sentiment:

Liverpool fans have of course been sending out well wishes: