Kurata (l) and a fictional Transformer
Kurata (l) and a fictional Transformer

It may look like a Transformer or a futuristic fantasy, but the Kuratas robot has arrived and is very real.

The creation of one obsessed man, the robot stands 13ft tall and weighs four tonnes. It can be controlled via an on-board cockpit - or remotely using only a 3G smartphone.

It boasts a battery of weapons including multiple rocket launchers and a gatling gun capable of firing 6,000 rounds a minute. Fortunately for those in the robot's path, the barrels of its weapons only fire compressed water.

Inventor Kogoro Kurata showed off his creation at a Tokyo Exhibition, where it has been admired by onlookers - although the majority of admirers kept a safe distance, with a few brave souls climbing up the metal body to sit at the controls.

Kurata explained what compelled him to make such a gargantuan and threatening-looking contraption.

"I want to know what I will feel if 13ft robot really moves. I guess it must not only be interesting, but also scary. Anyway, I want to find out," he said.

"Anyone can ride. Anyone who bought Kuratas can ride on. It's more like vehicles. First, I just want to ride. After that, I want to enjoy survival games or hand-to-hand combat for example."

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