Cansu Ozkan, 10, has sued her mother Ceyda Ozkan for causing severe injuries to her face, back, leg and wrist because of driving under the influence of alcohol in 2009. The girl has reportedly sought £100,000 from her mother.

Ceyda Ozkan had attended a family party where she got drunk. She later drove her car which crashed, killing one of her daughters, Filiz, and causing injuries to Cansu. Filiz, Cansu's stepsister, was seven months pregnant.

"Filiz was a lovely person who was killed on New Year's Day after a night out. She was looking forward to becoming a mum but this tragedy has prevented that from happening," the News Shopper quoted Sebahat Yilmaz, Filiz's mother, as saying.

Cansu's injuries forced her to be away from school for 12 months. Besides, her right leg is now nearly an inch shorter than her left. She continues to suffer back pain and faces further surgery, according to a Telegraph report.

A witness claimed that Ceyda, who is disabled, was seen drinking several shots of vodka and Bacardi on that day.

Several other witnesses also saw Ceyda drive at 60 to 70mph just before the crash.

"In your bad driving whilst drunk, you were showing a flagrant disregard for the rules of the road and the danger of serious harm being caused to others," the Telegraph quoted Judge Phillip Shorrock, as saying.

In 2010, Ceyda Ozkan was jailed for death caused by rash driving, but reports suggest that she will leave prison next month on licence.

Cansu, who now lives with her father Bahattin Ozkan in London, has taken her mother to court for reckless driving.

"Ceyda killed my daughter and we're not in touch at all, not after that. Four-and-a-half years in prison wasn't much for taking away the lives of my daughter and her baby. I think they should have given her more," the London Evening Standard News quoted Yilmaz, as saying.