The Ukip MEP who said Britain should not send aid to "Bongo-Bongo Land" has attracted fresh criticism by claiming that a debate on women in politics was "full of sluts".

Godfrey Bloom also hit journalist Michael Crick on the head with a brochure and called him a racist outside a fringe meeting of the Ukip conference in London.

Bloom tried to play down his remarks about women, saying his comments were a joke but he has not publicly apologised to Crick.

His outburst against women came after two of Ukip's female members, party director Lisa Duffy and former electoral candidate Jane Ellis, addressed the meeting on the fringes of the conference at Westminster's Central Hall.

The pair addressed a previous remark by Bloom, suggesting that women did not "clean behind the fridge enough".

Bloom heckled that the debate and said it was "full of sluts." It is reported that his remark was greeted by general laughter.

As he left the venue, he was asked by Crick why a picture in Ukip's conference brochure did not contain a single black person.

Bloom responded: "What a racist comment. How dare you? That's an appalling thing to say. You're picking people out for the colour of their skin. You disgust me, get out of my way.

"Appalling man. Racist. You, sir, are a racist. You take this and you've checked out the colour of people's faces."

Bloom concluded his verbal onslaught by grabbing the brochure, swatting Crick with it and then throwing it to the ground, shouting: "Disgraceful. You're disgraceful."

Ukip leader Nigel Farage, who himself has faced controversy over allegations that he sang Hitler Youth songs as a teenager, has promised that the party would review Bloom's comments if reports of what he said were proven.

Ahead of the meeting, Farage revealed that he had had a "blistering row" with Bloom over the MEP's previous slur against countries that receive aid from Britain.

Bloom was filmed saying that Britain sent billions of pounds in aid to "Bongo-Bongo Land" and that the recipients spent it on "Ray-Ban sunglasses, Ferraris and apartments in Paris".