Paige Spiranac had a very revealing answer when asked why she was the most followed golfer on Instagram. The influencer remains well ahead of legends Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy, with the latter lagging behind by over a million followers.

The glamour model has cultivated a huge following in recent years owing to her racy pictures and videos, along with her eye-catching ability with the golf club. Spiranac currently has 3.6 million followers, while Woods in second place has three million.

The 29-year-old was also the only woman on the list, and was in a witty mood when made aware of her achievement. Spiranac was very blunt when assessing the reason for her being ahead of 15-time major winner Woods, and former world number one McIlroy.

Spiranac, who was voted the sexiest woman alive by Maxim Magazine earlier this year, wrote: "This just in. Men like golf and b**bs." She had no aversion to accepting that her racy posts in the golf course is the reason for her garnering more attention from golf fans over more accomplished professional stars.

The Colorado-born influencer is currently a golf instructor, and was also a former professional golfer with a successful college record. While Spiranac's life on social media paints a rosy picture, Maxim's sexiest woman recently revealed that the need to look good all the time has taken a toll on her.

"That is quite a title and I've felt a lot of pressure to live up to that title. So I even think that I have been more critical of my self appearance and always trying to put out the best possible picture and doing everything I can to always present and look my best," Spiranac said. "It has taken a toll."

Spiranac was recently invited to throw the first pitch at an MLB game between the New York Yankees and the Brewers in Milwaukee. She revealed that she was extremely body shamed online following her outing, with many commenting that she needed filters to look good.

"In Milwaukee people were like, 'she's gained weight, this is what she looks like with no filters.' It was insane," Spiranac added. "People were like, 'you don't look like yourself' But, here's the thing. When I shoot, I obviously pick the best pictures."

Paige Spiranac
Paige Spiranac