Google's latest chat messenger, Allo, provides mobile users many interesting options. The latest messaging app is being pitted against the already established giants like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Snapchat.

Google Allo is now looking to differentiate itself from the rest with a special feature – Artificial Intelligence. Yes, you read it right. Allo comes with an in-built AI program which will help users predict their next reply based on previous conversations. It also comes with a preview version of the yet to be released Google Assistant which is a chatbot.

To help users get a better understanding about which of these messaging apps is most suitableIBTimes UK has compared their chief features:

FeaturesGoogle AlloWhatsAppFB MessengerSnapchat
Multimedia MessagingYesYesYesYes
Voice CallsNoYesYesNo
Video CallsNoNoYesYes
Audio MessagesYesYesNoNo
Number basedYesYesNoNo
Compatible withAndroid & iOSAndroid, iOS and WindowsAndroid, iOS and WindowsAndroid &iOS
End-to-end encryptionOptionalYesYesNo
Incognito messages/expiring messageYesNoNoYes
Group ChattingYesYesYesYes
Special featureUsing AI and Google Assistant--Augmented Reality
Support for WebNoYesYesNo
Location trackerYesYesNoNo
Document supportNoYesYesNo

As you can see most apps have strikingly similar features when it comes to basic messaging and media sharing features. However, Allo is not getting into the voice and video calling bandwagon as it has a separate app for it, the Google Duo. Google also has its Hangout app that has messaging, video calling as well as voice calling features.

What gives Allo an edge over the others is the AI feature. With Allo, users do not need to get out of their chat windows to suggest a route through Google Maps, to search for a random fact, to find the nearest restaurant or even to check currency conversions online. Its like having a Google search inside a chat window.

Although WhatsApp and Facebook's download numbers are high, Allo is slowly looking to catch up and has tried to integrate a little bit of every existing messenger in the market. The messenger can only be run via a phone number just like WhatsApp. It has a disappearing message feature like Snapchat.