Google's latest Chrome browser iteration, the Chrome 43, is now in the stable channel phase and available for download for users of Windows, Mac and Linux across the world.

The latest Chrome stable web browser bears version number 43.0. 2357.65 and incorporates the following newer functionality aspects:

What's new

Chrome 43 has been tweaked to feature support for hardware concerning Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI). With this enabled, users can make music using online resources without having to download customised music composing software.

The latest MIDI API enables web portals to communicate with interfaced MIDI devices connected to a computer, smartphone and tablet.

Along with the above, Chrome 43 also incorporates the Permissions API for developers to send queries and monitor changes to permission status for Web MIDI, Notifications, Push and Geolocation functions.

However, the general category of users (apart from developers) should have lots to cheer about with Chrome 43, in the form of the MIDI support.

Chrome 43 also features fixes to multiple bugs and known security issues. The full developer-level changelog has been made official by Google.

In case any bugs are detected by users, post installation of Chrome 43, a customised bug report can be filed to directly reach Google's technical folks.

Download Google Chrome 43

Chrome desktop users should witness their browsers getting automatically updated to Chrome 43 via the built-in silent updater mechanism. The latest browser is also available for download from the official Google Chrome webpage.