The internet went into meltdown at the weekend when a Google Earth user discovered a massive unknown sea monster lurking in the waters of Antarctica. However, as with every one of these mysterious map finds it turns out there's a logical answer and in this case it turned out to be a big rock.

Yes, much to the disappointment of conspiracy theorists and mythical creature hunters, shouts of the Kraken being found were swiftly drowned out by truth-seekers who revealed the object just off Deception Island (the irony didn't escape us, either) to be none other than Sail Rock – a 30m tall shard sticking out of the ocean.

Mysterious sea monster Google Earth
The mythical Kraken spotted on Google Earth, or is it something else? Google Earth

The original video was posted on YouTube channel wowforreeel with the user zooming in on the mysterious shape south-west of the Antarctic island complete with necessary eerie music played in the background. The object caught the user's eye as a result of the water disturbance coming from it. The user measured the suspected "sea monster" to be 25 yards wide and asked the question whether it was a rock formation "or something else breaking the surface".

Of course, it wasn't but the rock has been mistaken by sailors in the past on several occasions with the shape looking like a ship's sail. Still, let the foil-hatters have their fun and if you want to check out the "monster" yourself the object can be seen at 63° 2'56.73"S 60°57'32.38"W on Google Earth.

This is not the first (and it won't be the last) occasion something spooky has been spotted on Google Earth that bears resemblance to something else. Previous sightings have seen "bloody murder scene" turn out to be the work of a wet dog, while a mystery underwater ghost plane that looked submerged in a lake was just the result of a Google photography glitch.