Google Maps update with real-time info
Google Maps update provides real-time info in one tap Getty Images/Justin Sullivan

Google is rolling out an update to its Maps app on Android to provide helpful commute info in real-time at the bottom of the phone's home screen.

When you swipe up, you will be presented with three more tabs to help you find a nearby restaurant, beat traffic or catch the next bus. These tabs are places, driving and transit tab. Here is how these three tabs.

Under the places tab, there are curated lists of places to eat and drink such as the best dinners, cheap eats or business dining around you or any location you choose. You can also search for spots like ATMs, pharmacies, gas stations and grocery stores, everything in just one tap.

Under the driving tab, you will see real-time ETAs to home and work, nearby traffic conditions report and expected delays on the road ahead, that is, if you have saved you home and work addresses. In case you don't need the turn-by-turn directions but want real-time traffic info, you can always tap on start driving to go into driving mode.

Finally, in the transit tab, you will see a recommendation for which bus or train to take, when the next one is coming and an ETA for when will you arrive at work or home. Again, you need to save your home and work addresses. If you are heading elsewhere, just swipe down to find nearby transit stations along with real-time schedules.

The announcement about the update rollout was made by Marcus Lowe, product manager of Google Maps, in a blog post on 6 February. Lowe said: "Whether you need to get to work or you're just looking for a quick bite around you, Google Maps gives you the personalised information about your world to make decisions and get around with confidence."