A computer game in which players were encouraged to kill Australian Aboriginals has been removed from Apple's iTunes and GooglePlay after a petition condemning it gained more than 80,000 signatures. The computer game – Survival Island 3: Australia Story 3D – required players to survive in the Outback and rewarded them with food and weapons for killing Aboriginals.

On the websites, the mission of players was described: "Beware of angry animals, especially if you don't have any weapon. At nights, there is really dangerous, (sic) try to hide somewhere… Hunt animals or grow plants – you have to eat something. You also have to fight with aboriginals [sic] – you invaded their home!"

The petition on Change.org calls for producers NIL Entertainment to issue an apology.

"What this is doing is making entertainment out of the murder of people based on their race," Georgia Mantle, who started the petition, told the ABC.

"Why would you allow an app that is so blatantly racist and promotes racist violence to be hosted on your sites?" she said, addressing the online downloads giants.

Google said it did not comment on individual apps, but removed games which violated its policies. Apple's App Store guidelines for developers says apps will be rejected for "any content or behaviour that we believe is over the line".

Australian Communications Minister Mitch Fifield said that he had requested information on how the game came to be available.

"I am appalled that anyone would develop such a so-called 'game' and that any platform would carry it," he said in a statement. "I have asked my department to provide advice on the circumstances of its release and to review and advise in relation to any other games by the same developer."