Greenpeace protesters climbed a 270ft crane today to display a huge banner encouraging people to continue protests against the Trump administration. The activists said they wanted people to resist "Trump's attacks on environmental, social, economic, and educational justice to contribute to a better America."

On Tuesday 24 January President Trump overturned environmental protections put in place by the Obama administration by signing an executive order authorising the construction of the Dakota Access and Keystone Xl oil pipelines.

A wave of protests has swept the nation in opposition to the proposal.

Police closed three blocks of traffic as seven protesters scaled the crane and unfurled the 70-by-35ft banner.

The activists climbed up the crane that is parked at a construction site just three blocks from the White House. The banner appears as if hanging directly over the White House from Ellipse park.

A police statement said: "While we respect everyone's right to protest, today's actions are extremely dangerous and unlawful."

Campaigner Karen Topakian said: "I will stand strong when Trump puts our democracy, our people and our planet at risk."

Protester Nancy Pili wrote on Twitter: "On the morning the new administration threatens mass deportations and a wall to separate my people, I am honored to stand in resistance."

Greenpeace banner resist White House
Greenpeace activists hang a banner reading 'Resist' from a construction crane near the White House in Washington DC Drew Angerer/Getty Images