Barrack Obama is not a man to be trifled with when it comes to Mexican garnishes, it seems, after the US President took the time to tell the New York Times what he thought of its suggestion that guacamole should be served with peas.

"Respect the nyt, but not buying peas in guac. onions, garlic, hot peppers. Classic," the leader of the free world tweeted.

Obama was reacting to an article in the US daily which advocated putting peas in guacamole. Not many people, it turned out, agreed with the idea.

"Adding fresh English peas to what is an otherwise fairly traditional guacamole is one of those radical moves that is also completely obvious after you taste it.

"The peas add intense sweetness and a chunky texture to the dip, making it more substantial on the chip," the New York Times said in an article.

Obama's defence of classic guacamole has proved so popular that other politicians have tried to get in on the act. Florida governor and presidential hopeful Jeb Bush has also tweeted: "You don't put peas in guacamole."