British Government Ignore Anonymous Hackers’ Threat: Plans for Social Media Bans Proceed
Home Secretary Theresa May has confirmed that the UK government is proceeding with its plans to grant police the power to block "trouble makers" from social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook despite the Anonymous collective's "warning" not to do so. SFist

Hacker collective Anonymous has released a new video outlining several details regarding its involvement in Adbusters' Occupy Wall Street protest.

A part of Adbusters' previous protest call-to-arms, if carried out, on 17 Sept., the operation will see an unknown number of Anonymous members move into Wall Street, create "peaceful barricades," pitch tents and mount a sit-in protest for "a few months."

The new video appeared on the collective's AnonOps website and cited a series of undisclosed actions perpetrated by "corrupt" governments and corporations as its motivation for the sit-in.

"On 17 September Anonymous will flood into lower Manhattan, set up tents, put up peaceful barricades and occupy Wall Street for a few months. Once there we shall incessantly repeat one simple demand in a plurality of voices; we want freedom," said the Anonymous video's computerised voice.

Though the video did not name the exact companies and banks or actions that have led to its protest, the new operation is commonly viewed as an extension of Anonymous' ongoing Operation Anti-Security.

In June, alongside LulzSec, Anonymous declared war on the world's banks and governments revealing Operation Anti-Security.

In the statement accompanying the announcement Anonymous cited corporations and governments infringement on what it takes as fundamental human rights as its primary motivation for enacting hacks and protests.

"As we're aware, the government and whitehat security terrorists across the world continue to dominate and control our Internet ocean. Sitting pretty on cargo bays full of corrupt booty, they think it's acceptable to condition and enslave all vessels in sight.

"Together we can defend ourselves so that our privacy is not overrun by profiteering gluttons. Your hat can be white, gray or black, your skin and race are not important. If you're aware of the corruption, expose it now, in the name of Anti-Security," read LulzSec and Anonymous' statement.

As well as the Occupy Wall Street operation Anonymous has also called for similar protests in numerous other countries. Just after the London Riots Anonymous called for a similar series of protests in Britain.

Entitled OpBritain, the protest was first announced in a post on the Pastebin web site late on Friday 15 Aug. It called for all like minded citizens to mount a series of legal sit in protests across the UK.

The call-to-arms was reportedly motivated by the UK Prime Minister David Cameron's plans investigate the plausibility of granting police the power to monitor, censor and even ban certain individuals from social media services such as Twitter and Facebook.

UPDATE: Anonymous has since released further details regarding the protest, claiming it will be enacted in the name of "social justice."