The possibility of a wave of evictions during the COVID-19 crisis has pushed the United Kingdom government to ban eviction for three months. Going against the temporary ban, an unnamed woman decided to evict a paramedic. Joseph Hoar shared his horror story on Twitter. Hoar shared a screenshot of the text message from the landlady, asking him to leave immediately because she is certain he will catch the virus.

The distraught National Health Service paramedic has been a part of the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. Working with the South Western Ambulance Service, Hoar claimed that he would be missing out on a shift due to the woman's decision to evict him.

Hoar captioned the post: "When you work as a paramedic for the NHS and you get evicted over a text by your landlady. Because of this I now won't be able to work my 12hr night shift tomorrow, so that means one less paramedic on the road. At these unprecedented times, we need our NHS demand more than ever."

The screenshot of the message had the landlady stating that she cannot provide a home to someone from the NHS. According to her, it was "a matter of time" until Hoar was infected by the novel coronavirus. She asked him to arrange for an Airbnb stay and to return the next day to take his belongings. Her shallow apology was followed by the statement that renting to the medic was "not worth the risk." She was ready to offer a refund of the month's rent after deducting the rent for last week.

Hoar's post gained massive support on Twitter. It was repeatedly pointed out that the woman's decision to evict Hoar was illegal. Many offered to help Hoar out monetarily as well as by offering him a place to stay. It is not known if Hoar has taken up any of the offers.

The Daily Mail pointed out that businesses in the UK are trying to help out NHS workers. Greggs, Pret and McDonald's will be offering NHS workers and social care workers free drinks this week. With the number of cases on the rise, medics have become the most important asset of the country.

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South Western Ambulance Service paramedic evicted over text by landlady. Photo: AFP / ISABEL INFANTES