UK set for a heatwave next week - hotter than Mexico City Reuters

The Met Office has predicted hotter than-average temperatures in the UK for the next week, thanks to a plume of hot air from Africa. Temperatures are set to average above 20C, beating the average temperature of 18C in Mexico City.

The sunny spell is expected to trigger a final rush to the coast as Brits around the country enjoy the last bit of warm weather before winter sets in. James Madden, forecaster for Exacta Weather, told the Sun temperatures would be "substantially higher than average" for the time of year.

"High pressure will build across the country in what is likely to be a late blast of Indian Summer for several days from early October," he said. "Despite some chilly evenings we could see temperatures ranging in the low to mid 20s."

Met Office figures show September has been unusually dry and sunnier than normal with only 30mm of rain during the first half of the month, just 31% of the average rainfall seen previous Septembers. But forecaster Emma Sharples warns the weather will take a turn for the worse up north towards the end of next week, with heavy rain and strong winds expected.