A major family tragedy was averted in Bartow County, Georgia by a quick-thinking five-year-old boy. The home occupied by the family of nine burnt down, but the family members escaped relatively unscathed. Noah Woods woke up to find his bedroom on fire. He rescued the family dog and his two-year-old sister, Lily Woods. He then went back into the house and alerted the rest of the family. For his bravery, Noah will be presented with an award.

On Sunday, February 9, Noah had been asleep in his room with his sister Lily. He woke up to the sight of flames in the room. The steady headed child climbed out of the room's window, taking Lily and their family dog with him. After making sure that the toddler and dog were safe, Noah returned to save other members of the extended family still inside the burning house.

Noah made his way upstairs and alerted his uncle, WSB reported. Suffering only a minor burn to his wrist, Noah got his family safely out. Four members of the family were treated for minor burns and smoke inhalation. None of the family members suffered any serious injuries. David Woods, Noah's grandfather, shared his relief that the family made it out alive.

Noah's bravery was not only appreciated by his family. Bartow County Fire Department and Governor of Georgia, Brian Kemp, decided that the child's actions deserve to be rewarded. On Friday, a ceremony will be held to recognise Noah as an honorary Bartow County firefighter. He will also be presented a Lifesaving Award, which is usually given to professional rescuers.

Kemp appreciated Noah's mature decision-making, stating that it is not expected from such a young child.

Even though the family is safe, they now face a new obstacle. The uninsured home has completely been destroyed by what the fire department believes to be an electrical fire. The family requires funds to rebuild the shared home and to find a place to stay while the house is being repaired. A GoFundMe has been started in the hopes of getting financial support from the community.

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5-year-old saved his entire family from a house fire. Josh Edelson/AFP