Hedge Fund Research has launched PortfolioScope, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that helps managers and investors make more informed investment decisions. The platform uses enhanced visualisation technology, said a statement, allowing managers and investors to analyse performance, risk, exposure and attribution characteristics dynamically and intuitively.

Managers get customised reports for internal or external use; reports are permissioned by the manager and delivered via PortfolioScope's web portal.

Data from multiple managers is normalised so investors can fully understand their exposures, risks and performance at an aggregated level. Reports are customised at the investor level as well, allowing them to satisfy specific reporting criteria.

"PortfolioScope is a software-as-a-service that facilitates more accurate, detailed and timely information between managers and investors," said Barry Higgins, President of HFR PortfolioScope. "Each investor and manager has a unique approach and objective. PortfolioScope's flexibility and ability to create customised reports that meet those objectives is purposeful and designed to enhance communication and understanding."

PortfolioScope covers all asset classes, including fixed income, OTC instruments, derivatives, equities, and offers global coverage. Investment analysis includes performance, exposure, attribution and risk reporting.