Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Independent financial advisor network deVere Group has launched a cryptocurrency app, deVere Crypto, due to "soaring global demand".

The app allows users to store, transfer and exchange five major cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, and will be available on Apple and Android in a matter of weeks. The release didn't state what the other coins were, but you can guess they probably include litecoin, Ripple, maybe Bitcoin Cash.

Nigel Green, deVere Group's founder and CEO, was in exuberant voice: "History will teach us that 2017 was the year that digital currencies came into the mainstream," he said. "2017 saw the true dawn of the financial technology era. Fintech is already fundamentally changing the way we access, manage and use money - and the changes are coming quicker than ever before due to improving technologies and growing demand.

"Nothing has captured the imagination in this new fintech age quite like cryptocurrencies, specifically Bitcoin. No-one was really talking about it back in 2016. But those who invested in Bitcoin before the beginning of last year have enjoyed an impressive price increase.

"Traditionalists who declare cryptocurrencies 'a fad' are akin to King Canute trying to command the tides of the sea to go back. Our digital world needs digital currencies. It makes sense," he added.