Simon McClure, 38, has been sentenced to spend two years and six months in prison, for deliberately infecting his ex-lover with the HIV virus. The sentence was passed down by the Teesside Crown Court, on Oct. 5, according to a report in the Daily Mail.

McClure, who is believed to have lived in Nottingham until 2008, has claimed to have had sex with "hundreds of women", without revealing that he was HIV positive, according to a report in The Mirror.

McClure, who reportedly frequently used the services of prostitutes, both in Switzerland and Thailand, was diagnosed with the HIV virus on 2006 and arrested in 2009, after his ex-lover had a routine examination during her pregnancy that revealed her also to be HIV positive.

The woman, whose identity is being protected, went into premature labor the next day. Fortunately, her baby (now two years old), has not contracted the disease.

Faced with overwhelming evidence and the details of his 2006 test, McClure finally admitted to the court that he committed dreadful bodily harm.

"I despise him. I am aware of now his boasting about sleeping with hundreds of women. I had no idea he was HIV positive," his ex-lover was quoted as saying, in The Mirror.

Detective Inspector Andy Greenwood was also quoted in the report, asking anyone who had slept with McClure to come forward. They "may not know" of their infected status, Greenwood added.

Potential victims can call the police on 01642 326326.