US President Donald Trump is reportedly pushing to have his longtime personal pilot head the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the internet is absolutely livid about it. Citing a senior administration official, Axios reported that Trump has recommended John Dunkin – who flew him around during his 2016 presidential campaign in Trump's private Boeing 757 jet – to become the new head of the FAA, an organisation that oversees all civil aviation in the US and has an annual budget of over $16bn.

Dunkin has been Trump's personal pilot since 1989.

"He's on the list because he's the president's pilot, but if he gets the job, it won't be because he's the president's pilot," the anonymous official told Axios.

According to the unnamed official, Dunkin had already interviewed for the position and was reportedly impressive. A White House official confirmed to The Washington Post that Dunkin was under consideration for the post, saying that he is more qualified for the job than others may realise.

"John Dunkin isn't just a pilot," another administration official told Axios. "He's managed airline and corporate flight departments, certified airlines from start-up under FAA regulations, and oversaw the Trump presidential campaign's air fleet, which included managing all aviation transportation for travel to 203 cities in 43 states over the course of 21 months."

The president has touted the expertise of his personal pilot to airline executives in the past as well.

"I have a pilot who's a real expert," Trump said during a meeting with top airline executives in February 2017. "He said, 'Sir, the equipment they're putting on is just the wrong stuff.' If we're going to modernise our system, we should be using the right equipment.

"My pilot, he's a smart guy, and he knows what's going on."

The internet, on the other hand, immediately blasted the president and his administration with accusations of "blatant nepotism". Many pointed out that this is not the first time Trump's pick for an official position has raised eyebrows.

"So he can fly a plane. He gets the job? I can fix up booboos at home, can I be the Surgeon General? Please?" one Twitter user wrote.

"NEXT: A limo driver he knows for Secretary of Transportation," another tweeted.

"Mueller, for heaven's sake, are we there yet?" someone hilariously asked.

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Donald Trump's personal pilot is reportedly on the shortlist to head the FAA and the internet is fuming Benjamin Krain/Getty Images