President Donald Trump is once again being mercilessly mocked on social media after a photo taken during a listening session with Florida shooting survivors gave people a sneak peek at his notes for the meeting. On Wednesday (21 February), Trump met several people affected by deadly school shootings across the nation at the White House (21 February) including survivors from the tragic shooting in Florida last week that left 17 people dead.

"Some of your suggestions, I've heard some of them," Trump said. "We're going to do something about this horrible situation that's going on. I want to listen. And then after I listen, we're going to get things done."

"We're fighting hard for you and we will not stop," he continued "I just grieve for you... To me, there could be nothing worse than what you've gone through. Thank you for pouring out your hearts because the world is watching and we're going to come up with a solution."

Social media users, however, honed in on one photo taken during the session that showed Trump holding a note card listing five discussion points written in black marker, the last of which read: "I hear you."

The other visible points included "1. What would you most want me to know about your experience?" and "2. What can we do to help you feel safe?"

The remaining pointers were obscured by Trump's hands.

Twitter immediately pounced on the opportunity to roast the president over the piece of White House stationery with some people describing it as his "cheat sheet to being human". Others claimed it highlighted the president's "lack of empathy".

Naturally, the note triggered a fresh round of jokes, criticism and memes on social media.

"Dear Lord that list of 5 talking points, the last of which reads 'I hear you'," one Twitter user wrote. "Is that something you really need a periodical reminder to do, especially when it comes to something this important, @realDonaldTrump? Of course, you do."

Another added: "Doesn't the fact that he needs to be told to say 'I hear you' at a LISTENING session seem wrong? It's as if he needs to be reminded to express normal human empathy."

"That the man who holds our countries nuclear weapon keys needs a crib note that reads 'I hear you' to show empathy terrifies me," someone else said.

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President Donald Trump holds his notes while hosting a listening session with students survivors of mass shootings, their parents and teachers in the State Dining Room at the White House Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images