After finding unusual marks on their baby girl's body and a sudden change in her behaviour, a suspicious mother-father duo set up a hidden camera in their home. And what they found in the secretly captured footage of the one-year-old with her babysitter is horrifying, to say the least.

The child's nanny – who has just been referred to as Parveen – was caught brutally abusing the girl with a long cane stick in the video. At one point, the 35-year-old childminder appears to be repeatedly hitting the toddler on her legs and her bottom as she apparently tries to change her nappy.

While the horrified parents claimed that their daughter was bitten in the face as well, that particular incident was not captured in the footage.

The incident is reported to have taken place in the Indian state of Punjab. As per reports, the girl's parents set up a mobile phone at their Kapurthala home in Punjab, with its camera running to capture their babysitter's heinous act.

When they checked the footage after returning home from work, the couple was beyond shocked with what they found.

The father of the child, Sukhdev Singh, then took the matter up with the police, following which the nanny was arrested under child abuse charges.

In her confession, the childminder reportedly admitted to the brutality, saying that she had hit the girl in order to make her quiet.

[Warning: The footage is graphic, viewer discretion advised]