A video of a Shih Tzu flicking his head back has gone viral with people calling it the sassiest thing they have ever seen.

The six-second clip on Twitter features a white dog named Alfie lying on the floor before suddenly turning round with an intense unfaltering stare.

In the video caption, Amy Boyce, Alfie's owner, said: "I've literally been crying at this for 4 hours. I can't deal - if this doesn't make you happy, nothing will."

Since being shared on February 19, the post has been liked over 38,500 times and retweeted over 19,500 times. In addition, hundreds of people commented their appreciation of Alfie.

One person said: "That dog is hotter than Emily Ratajakwoski."

Another said: "The sassiest!"

One person even responded with a Madonna gif and the words "strike a pose".

With such a strong fan base forming it seems that Alfie is social media's new rising star.