You could be a casino connoisseur for all you want, but if you are unaware of its online counterparts, you are not seeking it right. Perhaps you know the presence of online casinos but not its intricacies, but not to fret, for you are in the right place.

Trending Casino Games
Trending Casino Games Pexels

Popularity of Online Gambling Industry

Let's get the numbers out of the way first. Mordor Intelligence has an intricately carved piece where they mention how popular the online gambling scenario is. If revenues are a valid metric, then a major $59million measures to be a gargantuan amount of clout.

With newer technologies like VR and AR being introduced into the online gambling scenario, the said popularity is bound to increase manifold. So much so that revenue estimates are expected to be worth over $127 billion by 2027. Did you know the online gaming industry THIS well?

In this day and age of ventures propelling to a digital future, you ought to look for great online counterparts to Sin City. Sure, you might not get the physical presence that would otherwise get in a casino in New Zealand, the US, or any other corner of the world, but being able to access your favourite casino anywhere seems rather convenient. For some of us who have ardently wanted to visit a casino—in this era, the casino visits you.

Spoilt with Choices— Here are Some Trending Games

Now that you are aware of the freedom that technology has given you, you can choose from the following online casino games. With the free market pushing healthier competition, you have a multitude of options to choose from.

1. Wizard of Oz Slots

Being a slot game revolving around the concept of Emerald City itself, Wizard of Oz slots is a compelling offer. This becomes more scrumptious, especially for those who have subscribed to the Google Play Store, considering the fact that it is free to download.

When it comes to in-game attributes, the Wizard of Oz Slots not only offers exclusive offerings in the form of dual-reel slot machines, but also offers these slots around thematic stances from the film franchise itself. If you are looking for a great aesthetic appeal to your slot game, you should be content with Wizard of Oz slots.

2. Lucky Bingo

Real-time multiplayers have been an avenue that online casino games have not been adept at—up until now. Lucky Bingo is possibly one of the most engaging and enthralling bingo games that one might find across various platforms, including mobile.

In order to make the experience more enriching, the game has thematic structures inherently built through it. Forming a story that further builds as an adventure, Lucky Bingo is a must-try for ones looking for a great game experience along with a tale to back it with.

Additionally, Lucky Bingo comes with a plethora of puzzles and similar themes that make the overall experience more engaging.

3. HighRoller Vegas

Remember how technology made it possible for you to visit Sin City for a good slot game? Look no further than HighRoller Vegas. As elucidated by the name itself, HighRoller Vegas is established around the theme of Vegas and everything it entails, and it is perhaps one of the most perfect casino games for you.

HighRoller Vegas also comes equipped with a few inherent features that might not be found elsewhere. For instance, the lightning and clashing lighting mode of jackpot format follows a progressive pattern. The Lock and Roll jackpot mode allows you to lock and collect jackpot symbols and use the roll attribute to reel out for more symbols. It's very intuitive and engaging, the more you think about it.

4. Video Poker

The only counterpart to a Vegas-based game is another Vegas-based game. Being one of the best video poker ventures you can find at your fingertips, Video Poker is a compelling offer, especially considering how easy it is to acquire it across a spectrum of devices and platforms.

Where Video Poker takes the cake is in its choices of offerings. The average user is essentially spoilt with choices when it comes to Video Poker. From Deuces Wild, to Triple Double Bonus Poker, to even Aces and Faces Poker, the game has at least thirty different offerings, making it one of the most extensive games one can find online.

To Conclude

If you are exploring the online world of casinos, you will most definitely leave as a satisfied visitor. Along with the compelling offers in terms of choices and quality of games, the online sphere of casinos offers great user-friendly interfaces and easy-to use UI. Safe to state, online casinos are surely but surely becoming more of a mainstream model.