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While hospitality may appear timeless, the reality is that modern customers, including the crucial millennial demographic of travelers, have evolving expectations when it comes to customer service. Adapting to these changing desires is crucial in today's dynamic landscape.

In this booming hospitality landscape, the dynamic shift in customer expectations has prompted a reevaluation of traditional service models

Understanding the nuanced preferences of millennial travelers is as important as keeping up with the new digital era. As Mr. Khan astutely observes, "Hospitality might seem like a timeless concept, but in fact, the type of customer service demanded by modern customers, including the important millennial demographic of travelers, is constantly changing." Recognizing that millennials seek experiences that resonate on a deeper level, many hotels including Cotel have become big on creating those authentic experiences for their clients and customizing stays for them.

Mr. Khan
Mr. Khan Mr. Khan

Only a selected few hotels, less than one percent worldwide, achieve the status of being a prestigious designation. Wasay's extensive research revealed that attaining this rating often hinges on the extraordinary service delivered by the hotel. Remarkably, staff members at these luxurious establishments undergo rigorous training and are empowered to craft unforgettable experiences for guests, ensuring a lasting impression.

Wasay believes that to maintain success, hospitality services must offer something compelling and different that's worth the price. Part of what has made Cotel successful is its dedication to customer service.

Driven by a similar quest for creating unforgettable experiences, Cotel's guests are often immersed in a world of genuine connections and cultural enrichment.

Employees are everything!

Taking the conversation further, Wasay purported that "Employees Are Everything" if one plans to offer customized experiences.

Customer service can make or break your business. "When I consider the most critical aspect of our entire company, I emphasize negativity and the importance of having individuals who truly grasp our ethos and exhibit passion," says Wasay. "Finding the right people is crucial," he asserts, highlighting, "Your employees are your greatest asset when they align with your values, but they can also pose significant risks. It's a constant concern for me." Every employee plays a pivotal role. "A single staff member interacts with numerous guests daily, and their attitude and understanding of our mission and culture greatly influence guest experiences," he reflects.

Like every business given a reality check of "dynamism", Cotel's journey also surprised them with the changing needs and demands of their customers. Wasay says "If you want to stand out, break a pattern."

Responding Quickly

As a catalyst to changing customer expectations after the pandemic, technology has become bigger than ever - something not merely a matter of convenience but a strategic tool for enhancing the guest experience. This was the exact opportunity for Cotel to leverage cutting-edge digital solutions, such as intuitive booking platforms and seamless communication channels. Soon steering their way forward, their guests have now been able to enjoy quicker processes and personalization. According to Wasay, this pivoting decision has helped them in providing quicker services without losing their humans in the business.

Interestingly, the influence of millennial preferences extends beyond their demographic, permeating the broader travel landscape. Even non-millennials are heavily affected by the millennial outlook and are pretty quickly 'becoming millennials' themselves in their attitudes toward authenticity and technology." This shift underscores the universal appeal of authenticity and technology in shaping modern guest expectations.

He says, "This strategic shift in the hospitality industry not only enhances aesthetics but also promotes deeper customer engagement, aligning with the evolving expectations of modern travelers and diners."