HTC has unveiled a new version of its flagship Android smartphone, with the HTC One X+ featuring a bigger battery, faster processor, more storage and the latest version of Android.

The HTC One X has a bigger battery , faster processor, more storage and the latest version of Android. Reuters

HTC has a habit of releasing slightly improved versions of its flagship devices, having launched the HTC Sensation XL after the Sensation in 2011. This year it's the turn of the HTC One X, already one of the top Android phones on the market.

We've already seen the launch of the HTC One XL, which will be one of the phones running on EE's 4G network, but for those looking for a bit more from their phone, HTC has provided the HTC One X+. As the name suggests, the new phone, available in Europe and parts of Asia this month, will come with a number of extras.

The One X+ will still use the Tegra 3 chip featuring a quad-core processor, but it will now run at a clock speed of 1.7GHz rather than 1.5GHz, promising a 27 percent speed boost, making intensive gaming, web browsing and video playback smoother.

The phone will also come with 64GB of storage (up from 32GB) and will feature a 2,100mAh battery compared to the 1,800mAh battery in the One X. The Taiwanese company is promising 37 percent more talk time (4.7 hours) or up to 50 percent more talk time on the LTE version.


Speaking of LTE, HTC launched a version of the original One X in the US which supported the LTE networks operating in that country. A spokesperson for HTC has confirmed to IBTimes UK that the One X+ will not support EE's 4G network when it launches later this month.

Android Jelly Bean

The other major upgrade over the One X is the addition of Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) from launch for the One X+. There will also be an updated version of HTC's own user interface, known as Sense, which will bring a number of new features to the phone.

Among them will be a Self Portrait mode, designed to work with the front-facing camera by detecting your face and applying "subtle enhancements to skin and eyes." Another new camera feature will see users allowed to go straight into the camera app, even when the phone is locked, by pressing the power button.

HTC has a major stake in Beats Audio, and as such continues to add Beats-enabled featured to its phones. The latest is called Tap and Go, which allows you to connect the phone and your music to Beats speakers when you tap them. To disconnect, just tap again.

The HTC One X+ will be available in Europe and North Asia this month and in South Asia from November 2012.

There is also some good news for owners of the original One X and the mid-range One S, with HTC announcing that the Android Jelly Bean with HTC Sense 4+ update is scheduled to begin rolling out for the from October.