US President Donald Trump has once again triggered criticism and merciless taunts after one of his old tweets resurfaced in which he called Barack Obama "sad" for hosting the White House Hanukkah party early. This week, however, he did the same thing.

Back in 2011, Trump slammed Obama suggesting that the then president held the event early in order to go on vacation.

"Why was the Hanukah celebration held in the White House two weeks early? @BarackObama wants to vacation in Hawaii in late December. Sad," Trump tweeted in December 2011.

Trump hosted the White House Hanukkah party on Thursday (7 December) - five days before the Jewish holiday begins.

Twitter, on the other hand, discovered the 2011 tweet and immediately slammed Trump over the move with many calling him a hypocrite.

"A tweet for every occasion," one person chimed while another added: "So happy there is tweet for every situation in which Trump shows the hypocrisy of his presidency."

One Twitter user wrote: "Until I joined Twitter in January, I had no idea how deep @realDonaldTrump obsession with @BarackObama was. He's been pressing his nose to the glass envying him for a decade!"

"That man is totally inconsistent, incoherent, shallow and void of any value and credibility... What a choice selection he was !" another said.

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US President Trump is being roasted on Twitter over an old tweet in which he mocked Barack Obama for hosting the White House Hanukkah party early REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque