J P Nadeau was struck by lightning while delivering the wedding speech in Canada REUTERS/Gene Blevins kw/GB/AH

The father of a bride was struck by lightning while he was delivering the wedding speech for his daughter and son-in-law in Canada Saturday (8 July).

The incident happened when JP Nadeau along with the newly-wed couple and the guests were celebrating the occasion in his family's apple orchard in Woodstock, New Brunswick. And, as Nadeau stated wishing the couple in his speech, few clouds started to roll in.

"I said: 'Adam, you are some lucky guy'. As soon as I said that, my daughter's eyes – she was looking at me – just popped right out. Because all of a sudden there was this lightning flash that hit right behind me," the father told the CBC.

He added that it was "like I had a bolt of lightning in my hand, and it lit up. I'm sure I jumped, because I felt a major shock. But after that I was kind of okay".

The avid piano player also said that he took rains and thunders on the wedding day as a good omen. He even added that he believed the lightning struck on him was a kind of the exclamation mark at the end of the blessing.

"A lot of lesser men would have perished. But I don't know how it happened that I could just walk, scot-free," he said, adding the lightning had helped him instead of any damage.

"I think my knee's working better," Nadeau said.