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  • UAE bat first after winning the toss
  • Bhuvneshwar Kumar replaces injured Mohammed Shami
  • UAE all out for 102
  • Shaiman Anwar 35, R Ashwin 4/25
  • India 104/1 from 19.4 overs
  • Rohit 57*, Kohli 33*
Shikhar Dhawan
Shikhar Dhawan was the star man for India with the bat against South Africa. [Getty]

That's it from us. There was no much nail biting moments in the match as it was dominated by India from the very first delivery. India sealed an easy win and hope you enjoyed out live coverage of the game between India and UAE. We will be back tomorrow once again. Until then Goodbye.

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Pakistan are without a win in this World Cup and they have a very good chance of registering their first victory of the tournament in Brisbane on Sunday.

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Tomorrow England take on Sri Lanka in the first match in Group A clash in Wellington.

The second match is between Pakistan and Zimbabwe in Brisbane.

We had two fixtures today. New Zealand won by 1 wicket against Australia, which was a low-scoring match. The second match, India won comfortably against UAE by 9 wickets.

India captain MS Dhoni

We have had quite a few plans and it's important in these conditions that you execute them, not give opportunities to score freely. The bowlers have really stepped up, and in a team sport it starts to reflect in other departments too.

We dropped one catch today but the fielding has been brilliant. When we are losing quite a few games outside the subcontinent, it was an area of concern that we were not getting wickets in the middle overs. Now we are getting wickets with the new ball and the spinners are able to put more pressure on the batsmen in the middle overs.

We have to continue with the good effort. [Bhuvneshwar] looked good, first five overs he bowled he was looking sharper than he did when he came back from the injury and played the Test match. If he plays a few more games, we can see how he can bowl in the death overs also.

UAE captain Mohammad Tauqir:

It was not a par score on this wicket, we were outplayed by Indian bowling. They bowled really well, in good areas, we should have scored 200-plus. [Ashwin] bowled brilliantly, we couldn't cope with his bowling.

He was getting good bounce and turn on this wicket. That's our batting order, we know [Shaiman] can score a lot of runs down the order. I think the top order needs to be more responsible and score more runs for us.

R Ashiwn

I bowl at such phases of the game, it's more of cutting the runs out, it can get a little difficult, but [the lack of a four-wicket haul] was playing on my mind today after the first five overs.

When it comes to this format, I'm pretty much unselfish, it doesn't matter if I get the numbers or not as long as I put in the effort required. My wrist is getting into a good position, and that helps with the arm ball, the breeze helped as well. It was good to play the big teams initially, now we're on a roll

R Ashwin is the Man of the Match for his career best of 4/25

Match Summary:

India win by nine wickets...!!!

Over 20: India 104 for 1: Virat Kohli 33 (41) , Rohit Sharma 57 (54)

Tauqir continues as his first three deliveries results in no run. Rohit uses his feet and smashes over the bowler's head for a boundary. That is the end of the match as India win by nine wickets.

Over 19: India 100 for 1: Virat Kohli 33 (41) , Rohit Sharma 53 (50)

India need 8 more runs to win. Karate is in his third over. After two dot balls, Kohli takes a quick single and Rohit was running towards the danger end. Luckily the throw misses the stumps. It is followed by an easy single towards leg side.

Kohli the slices through backward point for four runs and finishes the over with a dot ball.

Over 18: India 94 for 1: Virat Kohli 28 (36) , Rohit Sharma 52 (49)

India take batting Powerplay and Rohit takes a single to start the proceedings after the break. Tauqir bowls his second over and concedes just two runs from first four deliveries. Cut away through point and Rohit gets a boundary, which helps him reach his fifth. He finishes the over with a dot ball. 6 runs from it.

India take batting Powerplay...!!!

UAE players are warming up on the field and there will be hardly few overs of cricket left in this match.

India's Virat Kohli (L) and teammate Rohit Sharma (R) leave the field at the tea break.

Virat Kohli-Rohit Sharma
India's Virat Kohli (L) and teammate Rohit Sharma (R) leave the field at the tea break against UAE. [Getty]

Innings Break

India need 15 more runs to win the match against UAE.

Over 17: India 88 for 1: Virat Kohli 27 (33) , Rohit Sharma 47 (46)

Rohit starts Karate's second over with a single. It is followed by a couple from Kohli as he places it towards deep backward point. Kohli gets off the strike off the third ball with a single at square leg. Rohit takes a single, followed by a dot ball from Kohli.

5 runs from first dive deliveries and finishes the over with a dot ball. It is time for Innings break now.

Over 16: India 83 for 1: Virat Kohli 24 (29) , Rohit Sharma 45 (44)

UAE skipper Mohammad Tauqir decides to introduce spin into attack, which he leads by himself. Rohit and Kohli takes two singles. Rohit takes the strike and he misses the ball, Keeper quickly takes off the bails and the square leg umpire refers upstairs.

Luckily for India, Rohit was safe. It is followed by two boundaries towards extra cover, which brings the 50 runs partnership between the pair. Rohit finishes the over with a single and retains the strike.

Over 14: India 72 for 1: Virat Kohli 23 (28) , Rohit Sharma 35 (39)

Krishna Karate replaces Guruge. Medium pace and the keeper is standing right behind the stumps. After two dot balls, Kohli nudges towards third man for a single. Rohit takes a single, followed by four from Kohli.

Kohli smashes through extra cover and finishes the over with a dot ball. 6 runs from the over.

Over 13: India 66 for 1: Virat Kohli 18 (23) , Rohit Sharma 34 (38)

Kohli starts Javed's second over with four runs as his flicks beats the midwicket fielder and runs to the boundary. A misfield helps Kohli to take a single, comfortably. Five runs from five deliveries. Javed to Rohit and he finishes the over with a dot ball.

Over 12: India 61 for 1: Virat Kohli 13 (19) , Rohit Sharma 34 (36)

Guruge still continues as he is bowling his sixth over. No run off the first two balls. He gets off the strike with a single towards square leg. Kohli tries to drive, but gives it straight to mid off, no run. He tries once again, but this time gives it to the fielder at cover, once again no run.

Kohli finishes the over with a single to fine leg. He wanted a double, but then settles for a single and also retains the strike as well. 2 runs from the over.

Over 11: India 59 for 1: Virat Kohli 12 (16) , Rohit Sharma 33 (33)

Change in bowling as Amjad Javed replaces Naveed. He tries to clear the fielder off the first ball, but a good stop at silly mid off saves three runs for UAE as Rohit takes a single. Kohli then takes a single towards mid wicket.

After a dot ball, Rohit smashes the ball over the fielder at extra cover's head for a boundary. Finishes the over with a single. 7 runs from it.

End of Mandatory Powerplay..!!! India 52 for the loss of 1 wicket after 10 overs.

Over 10: India 52 for 1: Virat Kohli 11 (14) , Rohit Sharma 27 (29)

No change in the bowling attack as Guruge bowls his fifth over. He bowls outside off stump and Kohli punches it through extra cover for a boundary. That brings India's 50.

After a dot ball, Kohli places it to deep backward point and the third man is forced to stop the ball. He gets two runs. Two dot balls to finish the over.

Over 9: India 46 for 1: Virat Kohli 5 (8) , Rohit Sharma 27 (29)

Naveed continues as the first two deliveries ends in no run. Short delivery and Rohit pulls away on the leg side and the ball slowly races to the boundary. He once again pulls and this time towards square leg and gets his second boundary.

Rohit finishes the over with a boundary through mid wicket. A very good over for India as they get 12 runs from it.

Over 8: India 34 for 1: Virat Kohli 5 (8) , Rohit Sharma 15 (23)

Guruge, who has been impressive so far with the ball after conceding seven runs from first three overs continues his fourth over. Starts the over with three dot balls. He is bowling the right length to Kohli.

Guruge bowls straight and Kohli flicks it deep midwicket for his first boundary. Just four runs from the over.

Over 7: India 30 for 1: Virat Kohli 1 (2) , Rohit Sharma 15 (23)

Naveed is in his fourth over. After a dot ball, Naveed bowls on the leg stump and Dhawan flicks towards square leg for a boundary. He then tries to clear the fielder at point, but Mustafa jumps and take a brilliant catch to end Dhawan's time in the middle.

India lose the first wicket and Virat Kohli is the new man in the middle. Kohli gets off the mark from the second ball he faced, while Rohit ends the over with a dot ball. A wicket and five runs from it.

WICKET...!!! Shikhar Dhawan 14 (17) c Mustafa b Naveed

Over 6: India 25 for 0: Shikhar Dhawan 10 (14), Rohit Sharma 15 (22)

Rohit is on strike as Guruge continues his third over. First two deliveries ends in two dot balls followed by the first six of the innings towards leg side. Fine leg was just a spectator as he watches the ball go to the stand.

Rohit misses the ball and UAE players appeal as they believe there was an edge. Umpire seems not interested in the appeal and UAE go against using the review. There was a mix up between the players in the middle, no run was taken and both batsmen are safe. That's the end of the over.

Over 5: India 19 for 0: Shikhar Dhawan 10 (14), Rohit Sharma 9 (14)

Naveed is in his third over. Rohit tries to drive outside offside and gives it straight to the fielder at mid off. He gets off the strike with a single, followed by a boundary between mid-on and midwicket from Dhawan. Dhawan finishes the over with another boundary on the offside.

Over 4: India 10 for 0: Shikhar Dhawan 2 (11), Rohit Sharma 8 (13)

Dhawan is on strike as Guruge to continues his second over. Dhawan starts with two dot balls. India are not attacking as they are going with a safe approach. Both the batsmen are not looking to take any risks very early in the game.

Dhawan punches straight down the ground to get off the strike. However, Guruge puts his hand and saves runs for his side. He finishes the over with a dot ball and that results in a maiden over.

Over 3: India 10 for 0: Shikhar Dhawan 2 (5), Rohit Sharma 8 (13)

Naveen continues as he is bowling his second over. Dhawan is on strike and he puts away the first ball to fine leg for a single. Rohit misses as the ball goes away from him. Naveed is getting some movement. A very good defence from Rohit will give him the much needed confidence.

Outside the off stump is Rohit's weak defence. Naveed bowls a beatufil delivery hits Rohit's fore arm and pitches in front of the first slip. It is followed by a four over the slips. 5 from the over.

Over 2: India 5 for 0: Shikhar Dhawan 1 (4), Rohit Sharma 4 (8)

Dhawan will face his first ball as Manjula Guruge will partner Naveed to lead UAE's bowling attack. He is getting close to the stumps as trying to get the ball move away from Dhawan. Dhawan is trying to settle down as the first three deliveries ends in three dot balls.

He gets off the mark with a quick single towards mid on. Sharma ends the over with a dot ball, 1 run from it.

Over 1: India 4 for 0: Shikhar Dhawan 0 (0), Rohit Sharma 4 (6)

Shikhar Dhawan and Rohit Sharma will open India's innings, while Mohammad Naveed has been handed the ball. UAE do not have a huge total to defend and it should be seen as to how India will manage approach the small target.

First three deliveries ends in dot balls as Rohit decides to read the bowler before taking on Naveed. Rohit gets the ball on the middle of the bat and he punches of the backfoot through the covers for four.

That's India's first runs on board and also Rohit's. He finishes the over with another dot ball.

Indian openers will wear their gears and get on to the field. There will be no break between the innings.

India's Ravichandran Ashwin (2nd-R) celebrates with teammates after taking the wicket.

Ravichandran Ashwin

Over 31.3: UAE 102 for 10: Shaiman Anwar 35 (49) Manjula Guruge 10 (16)

And it is all over for UAE. Anwar started the overwith a brilliant four past Umesh Yadav. However, yadav came back with a swinging ball for his last, as he broke through Anwar's defenses as the player tried to slam him past midwicket.

WICKET: Shaiman Anwar b Yadav 35 (49b 6x4 0x6)

Over 31: UAE 98 for 9: Shaiman Anwar 31 (46) Manjula Guruge 10 (16)

Guruje ends the over with a flurry, hitting Jadeja for a four to the extra cover boundary.

Over 30: UAE 94 for 9: Shaiman Anwar 31 (46) Manjula Guruge 6 (10)

Shaiman Anwar is doing his best to hold the innings together, hitting his fifth four past Umesh Yadav. India stroll past the 30 over mark but are finding it a tad difficult to break the final partnership.

Over 29: UAE 90 for 9: Shaiman Anwar 27 (40) Manjula Guruge 6 (10)

Ashwin finishes his quota of 10 overs, with four wickets and giving away only 25 runs.

Over 28: UAE 88 for 9: Shaiman Anwar 26 (39) Manjula Guruge 5 (5)

Four runs from the over by Jadeja. Shaiman Anwar hands the strike to Guruje, by scoring a boundary of the last ball of the over.

Over 27: UAE 84 for 9: Shaiman Anwar 22 (33) Manjula Guruge 5 (5)

Six runs of the over as UAE hold on.

Over 26: UAE 78 for 9: Shaiman Anwar 21 (32) Manjula Guruge 0 (0)

Six runs of the over from Jadeja as Anwar clobbers the bowler for a boundary on the first ball and then hands the strike to Guruge for the next over by taking a couple on the last ball.

Over 24: UAE 71 for 9: Shaiman Anwar 14 (20) Manjula Guruje 0 (0)

Mohammad Tauqir falls of the last ball of the over. He tried to defend the ball to the offside, slipped and the ball slipped past his thigh and into the stumps.

WICKET: Mohammad Tauqir b Jadeja 1 (5b 0x4 0x6)

Over 23: UAE 68 for 8: Shaiman Anwar 11 (15) Mohammad Tauqir 0 (3)

Ashwin's fourth of the innings. Naveed, who had come out with a plan to dismantle the Indian attack, was bamboozled by the spinner, who broke past his defences as the player decided to give himself some room to slap him through the offside. One run of the over.

WICKET: Mohammad Naveed b Ashwin 6 (7b 0x4 1x6)

Over 22: UAE 67 for 7: Shaiman Anwar 11 (15) Mohammad Naveed 6 (5)

The seventh wicket goes down for UAE, who will do well to get past 100. However, Naveen has other plans, hitting Ravindra Jadeja for a beautiful six over wide long on. And as the saying goes, fortune favours the brave, he was given a lifeline by Suresh Raina, who failed to latch on to his poke, running straight into the fielder in the last ball of the over.

WICKET:Amjad Javed c Raina b Jadeja 2 (5b 0x4 0x6)

Over 21: UAE 61 for 6: Shaiman Anwar 11 (15) Amjad Javed 2 (4)

Seven runs of the over, facilitated by a brilliant boundary by Anwar. Short and wide, the batsman slapped it past cover, to take himself into 11 runs. The biggest over thus far for UAE, with seven runs coming of it.

Over 20: UAE 54 for 6: Shaiman Anwar 6 (12) Amjad Javed 2 (1)

UAE are down to six after a brilliant decision by the umpire. The ball hit well in line with the stumps and after review, the third umpire deciphered that the ball was going to crash into the off stump. Three runs from the over.

WICKET: Rohan Mustafa lbw b MM Sharma 2

REVIEW: Rohan mustafa goes upstairs to overturn his decision for an LBW by Mohit Sharma

Over 19: UAE 51 for 5: Shaiman Anwar 5 (11) Rohan Mustafa 2 (8)

Two runs of the over from Ashwin, as Mustafa manages to keep the spinner at bay and keep his wicket intact.

Over 18: UAE 49 for 5: Shaiman Anwar 5 (11) Rohan Mustafa 0 (2)

Five runs of the over as Anwar hoicks Mohit Sharma for a four past square leg. The bowler recovers, bowling the next five balls, barring yet another wide, close to the wicket. India are truly on top and dont look like relenting any time soon.

Over 17: UAE 44 for 5: Shaiman Anwar 1 (5) Rohan Mustafa 0 (2)

Ashwin's third of the innings. UAE are not able to handle the spinner and are falling over like of a bag of pins around him. It is a wicket maiden for Ashwin, who is looking good to bulldoze through the UAE order, with the batsmen offering nothing of note thus far.

WICKET: Khurram Khan c Raina b Ashwin 14 (28b 1x4 0x6)

Over 16: UAE 44 for 4: Shaiman Anwar 1 (5) Khurram Khan 14 (24)

Three runs of the over for UAE, who are dealing in singles at the moment, trying best to keep the scoreboard ticking and not lose any more wickets. Three runs of the over takes their tally to 44 of 16 overs.

Over 15: UAE 41 for 4: Shaiman Anwar 0 (1) Khurram Khan 12 (22)

UAE are in deep trouble. Patil who was looking good with the bat has departed after yet another brilliant spell of bowling by Ashwin. The arm ball did in Patil, who was looking to defend but the ball swung away towards the slips, taking the edge and consummated by a brillant catch by Shikhar Dhawan. Shaiman Anwar is the new man on the crease.

WICKET: SP Patil c Dhawan b Ashwin 7 (19b 1x4 0x6)

Over 14: UAE 36 for 3: SP Patil 6 (17) Khurram Khan 9 (19)

A brilliant over yet again from india's perspective who are getting the hang of the innings. Mohit Sharma probed in and around the wicket for yet another maiden as Patil decided to play conservatively to preserve his wicket.

Over 13: UAE 36 for 3: SP Patil 6 (11) Khurram Khan 9 (19)

Two runs from the over by Ashwin, both coming in singles.

Over 12: UAE 34 for 3: SP Patil 5 (9) Khurram Khan 8 (15)

A productive over for UAE, taking five runs, with Patil hitting Mohit Sharma for a clean boundary down the off side. In other news, the wides continue and India continue to be on top in what can be a long evening for the UAE batsmen.

Over 11: UAE 28 for 3: Swapnil Patil 1 (3) Khurram Khan 8 (15)

The agony ends for Krishna Chandra as he edges an easy catch to leg slip from some crafty bowling by Ashwin. UAE find themselves three down as early as the 11th over. Mohit Sharma has come into the attack replacing Umesh Yadav at the other end.

WICKET: Krishna Chandran c Raina b Ashwin 4 (27b 0x4 0x6)

Over 10: UAE 28 for 2: Krishna Chandran 4 (25) Khurram Khan 8 (14)

The wides continue, their sixth of the innings thus far. It was a missed opportunity for Mahendra Singh Dhoni as Krishna Chandran edged past slips for his first single in over three overs. The two wides contributed to four runs as UAE trundle on, without any urgency whatsoever.

Over 9: UAE 24 for 2: Krishna Chandran 3 (24) Khurram Khan 7 (9)

A much needed boundary for UAE, who were stuck down by the probing bowling by the Indian pacemen. A short of a length ball by Kumar and Khurram slashed it to the left of the deep thirdman. A single put Chandran back on the crease where India alleviated the pressure by delivering yet another wide. Their fourth of the innings.

Chandran is clearly struggling, defending the ball back to the bowler for yet another dot.

Over 8: UAE 18 for 2: Krishna Chandran 3 (22) Khurram Khan 2 (5)

India need to keep a lid on the extras, with yet another wide ball taking the tally to three for the innings. UAE are struggling to cope with the pace duo of Kumar and Yadav and Chandran is struggling to get off the mark, having scored his last run over two overs back.

Over 7: UAE 16 for 2: Krishna Chandran 3 (19) Khurram Khan 1 (2)

Three runs of the over from Bhuvneshwar Kumar with four dot balls. Chandran did well to prise the ball through the covers for two runs and relieve the pressure. He has three runs of 19 runs and needs to get into the frontfoot or fear being caught into a tangle by the Indian bowlers.

Over 6: UAE 13 for 2: Krishna Chandran 1 (9) Khurran Khan 0 (0)

The first maiden of the innings for Umesh Yadav, as he stuck Chandran to the crease with some impressive bowling. Yadav was unlucky not to have a wicket in the over, having beaten the batsman more than once.

India are wholly on top and need to keep the pressure with the new ball.

Over 5: UAE 13 for 2: Krishna Chandran 1 (9)

Bhuvneshwar is in his third over and has conceded 9 runs from his first two. Chandran is struggling to get off the mark as no runs have been conceded from first four deliveries. In swing from Bhuvi and takes a little inside edge and runs down towards fine leg. Chandran gets off the mark with a single.

Bhuvneshwar pitches the ball hard and Ali tries to pull, only to take an edge and resulting in a simple catch for Dhoni. That's the end of Ali.

WICKET...!!! Amjad Ali 4 (12) c Dhoni b Bhuvneshwar

Over 4: UAE 12 for 1: Amjad Ali 4 (11), Krishna Chandran 0 (4)

Yadav is in his second over and concedes no run in first four deliveries. Yadav has been very good so far as he is pitching it in right areas. Ali tries to pull and Suresh Raina was at leg slip and puts the catch down. However, there was no bottom edge as it hits the thigh pad. Yadav finishes the over with a dot ball and he gets his first maiden over of the match.

Over 3: UAE 12 for 1: Krishna Chndran 0 (4), Amjad Ali 4 (5)

UAE manage to take five runs of the over with some conservative batting, taking five singles, a tactic they need to master if they have to put up a respectable score.

Over 2: UAE 7 for 1: Krishna Chndran 0 (2), Amjad Ali 1 (1)

A productive over for India as they manged to dispose of the dangerous Berenger and swooped into the top oprder of UAE.

OUT: AR Berenger c †Dhoni b Yadav 4 (9b 1x4 0x6)

Over 1: UAE 6 for 0: Andre Berenger 4 (6), Amjad Ali 0 (0)

UAE end the first over with a flurry, as Andre Berenger slices the ball through cover point to take the score up to 6/0. The opening runs had come from two wides after Bhuvneshwar Kumar had slid down the leg side.

SCORE ALERT....!!! New Zealand have defeated Australia by 1 wicket.

Meanwhile, at Eden Park.

Fans arrive to show their support during the 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup match between India and the United Arab Emirates at WACA.

India fans

SCORE ALERT...!!! New Zealand 145/7 against Australia. The Black Cats need 7 more runs to win.


India: Shikhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, Ajinkya Rahane, Suresh Raina, MS Dhoni (c & wk), Ravindra Jadeja, R Ashwin, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Umesh Yadav, Mohit Sharma

UAE: Amjad Ali, Andri Berenger, Krishna Chandran, Khurram Khan, Swapnil Patil (wk), Shaiman Anwar, Rohan Mustafa, Mohammad Naveed, Amjad Javed, Mohammad Tauqir (c), Manjula Guruge

Mohammad Tauqir on UAE's decision to bat first:

"We would like to put up a total and then defend it."

MS Dhoni confirms injured Mohammed Shami is replaced by Bhuvneshwar Kumar.

TOSS...!!! UAE win the toss and Mohammad Tauqir elected to bat first

Two captains MS Dhoni and Mohammad Tauqir walks to the middle of the pitch for the toss.

We have the toss now...!!! Are you excited?

UAE batting coach Mudassar Nazar on India v UAE.

India will be without the services of Mohammed Shami, who has been ruled out of the UAE clash with a knee injury.

India are facing UAE for the first time in the World Cup. Third time in all meetings.

At Perth

  • India have played 11 times. Won 4, lost 6 and tied 1
  • UAE are playing there for the first time

UAE captian Mohammad Tauqir

"We know they are big stars, but we will take this game like the previous two games. We will not be intimidated by their names or their status."

Shikhar Dhawan

"We play the game the way it has to be played, and we're going to play with the same fighting spirit and going to keep the same intensity tomorrow."

Fans from both India and UAE arrive at the stadium.

SCORE ALERT...!!! New Zealand 89/4 in 12.2 overs. Australia 151/10

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Good morning and welcome to IBTimes UK's LIVE coverage of the Group B clash between India and United Arab Emirates (UAE) from the ICC World Cup 2015. We are scheduled to get started at 5:30am GMT.