Entertainment and videogame news website IGN is expected to go on auction at an asking price of $100m (£61.9m) after failing to find a potential buyer.


IGN, which also comprises AskMen, GameSpy and GameStats, was purchased by News Corp for $650m in 2005. Rival gaming network UGO was assimilated into IGN by News Corp. in 2011.

Rotten Tomatoes and Direct2Drive have all been sold off by IGN in the last few years, though it is still one of the most popular gaming websites in the world, with an Alexa ranking of 323.

However, the departure of some IGN managers, including president Roy Bahat, has slowed the sales process down. IGN is now working with investment bank Allen & Co. to auction off its various game websites.

Game magazine publisher Future also faced financial difficulties earlier this year, when it was forced to lay off 19 staff. Speaking to Joystiq in January, Rachelle Considine of Future explained:

"Future US is currently working to reposition itself in the marketplace to transform the company from an old school publisher to a hybrid publisher. While many 'old school' publishing companies and outlets have folded completely, Future US is in process of retooling and reshaping the organisation to succeed, and thrive in the digital era."

IGN, too, was forced to lose staff in January, cutting the number of employees at both its GameSpy and TeamXbox properties, according to Game Industry International.

TeamXbox has since been closed by IGN and GameSpy, like Rotten Tomatoes and Direct2Drive, has been sold off.