Two kangaroos have been caught fighting on camera by police in Australia using an infrared camera. Filmed in the bushland of Australia's Victoria region, the two marsupials are seen ferociously trading blows and kicking out with their muscular legs as another kangaroo watches nearby.

The stunning footage was shot in the dead of night using a police helicopter's infrared camera showing the ghostly forms of the battling creatures. The kangaroo spectator does quickly hop away as the scrap hots up. The pugnacious duo are most likely to have been males fighting over a female of the species or territory - or both.

Kangaroos are the largest species in the marsupial family and are native to Australia.

Eastern Grey Kangaroos are found more generally than other species in Victoria's outback. The IUCN classifies the Eastern Grey as 'least concern', though according to the Werribee Open Range Zoo, they still face threats from natural disasters, drought and injuries from vehicles.

Eastern Greys will usually travel in packs known as 'mobs' comprising of around 10 individuals. Their fur is thick and almost fluffy and they can grow up to 7ft tall, keeping balance with their incredibly a strong tail.

A video showing a man killing a kangaroo by slitting its throat recently went viral and provoked outrage around the world. A man was reportedly arrested nearby Melbourne after authorities recieved information from the public.

"Unfortunately sometimes videos get played and played by that many people for the wrong reasons, but hopefully this one can have the right message come out of it," a Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning manager told

"If we can reach back to that same number of people with the message of a person has been arrested, a person is facing charges and this is illegal to do, then that would be even better."