Delhi was drenched in the colours of the Holi festival on Wednesday (March 27th) as locals immersed themselves in festive spirits by pouring handfuls of bright coloured powder on each other.

Locals gathered near the 2010 Commonwealth games Talkatora indoor stadium in a festive mood, spraying dry powdered colours, greeting each other and dancing to the rhythm of drumbeats.

People irrespective of their ages and gender came together to share the warmth and beauty ofIndia's colour festival. Children were seen enjoying and accompanying their elders to sync dance steps with the drumbeats.

For Kolkata city in eastern West Bengal state, the festival was an occasion to bring forth their rich culture.

Large number of locals especially children and their parents crowded the city's Golf green grounds to participate in a cultural event and engrossed themselves in shades of Holi.

Children and girls dressed in traditional costumes and floral headbands as they performed folk music and traditional 'Rabindra sangeet' (songs). The participants showcased their talent with singers and musicians performing live on the stage.

Locals smeared themselves with colours after the cultural extravagance.

Westerners visiting the city immersed themselves in bright colours and enjoyed the cultural ethos.

India's festival of colours, Holi is being celebrated on Wednesday (March 27th) this year.

It is the most awaited festival among the Hindus, especially among the youth. People of all ages forget mutual differences and sprinkle powdered colours on each other to welcome the spring season.

The festival is celebrated with much excitement across India, especially in Mathura, the birthplace of Hindu Lord Krishna, and devotees throng temples in the cities drenched in coloured water.

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