India beat Bangladesh by one run.

Here is our full report on an astonishing match in Bangalore.


Bangladesh have thrown it away. Needing just two runs, both Mushfiqur Rahim and Mohammed Mahmudullah went for glamour shots and were made to pay.


India take three wickets in a thrilling final over to win this by a single run!


WICKET! Mustafizur Rahman is out run out by MS Dhoni

India beat Bangladesh by one run


WICKET! Mahmudullah (18) b Jadeja c Pandya


WICKET! Rahim (11) c Dhawan b Pandya


Bangladesh need 11 off the final six balls to win. Simple, eh?


19th over - Bangladesh 136-6

Bangladesh play the first couple safe, settling for singles off Bumrah's delivery before Mahmudallah tries something a bit more extravagant, only for it to be stopped in front of the boundary.

He and Rahim continue play it sensible, not going for the huge swings and settling for singles to claw themselves over the line. Good over from Bumrah, but it is looking like it won't be enough.


18th over – Bangladesh 130-6

What a thrilling over. Bangladesh rack up another precious four after Sarkar meets Nehra's poor delivery with a firm sweep. Mahmudullah flings another to deep mid-wicket which is good enough for a single, but the momentum in this thrilling contest changes once again as Sarkar meets a full toss from Nehra only to lift it straight into Kohli's path.

What now for Bangladesh? Whenever thy have dropped a wicket in this contest they have coming roaring back and they do it again through Mahmudullah, who smacks the full toss away from the India fielders to rack up another precious four.


WICKET! Soumya Sarkar (21) c Virat Kohli b Ashish Nehra


17th over – Bangladesh 120-5

Bangladesh collect another six runs as we enter the final two overs and now need 27 off 18 to win this. Some more terrific fielding from India prevented a couple of those trickling through for fours.


16th over – Bangladesh 113-5

Huge, huge six for Sarkar who takes a big chance off Jadeja's spin delivery, but sends it over deep square leg and into the crowd. Off the very next ball MS Dhoni screams for out but his appeals are turned away. Two more singles follow, that will be nine for the over.


15th over – Bangladesh 104-5

Jadeja shows some more outstanding fielding, leaping across to block Sarkar's dab and prevent the boundary. Bangladesh have done well out of his tight over, however, sneaking five more runs.


14th over – Bangladesh 99-5

A good over from India, restricting Bangladesh to just two runs from Mahmudullah.


13th over - Bangladesh 96-5

A simple catch for Raina sees Indian hope grow again. Four dot balls follow in a brilliant over from Ashwin but Soumya Sarkar rescue something after drilling to long off. His side now need 51 off 42.


WICKET! Shakib Al Hasan (22) c Suresh Raina b Hardik Pandya


12th over - Bangladesh 95-4

Jadeja strikes again with the first ball of the over, lashing one through Mortaza and off the stumps. But again, Bangladesh are racking up the runs that matter more. Al Hasan drops to one knee to meet Jadeja's next ball and lashes it over his shoulder with another huge six over the stands.


WICKET! Mortaza (6) b Ravindra Jadeja


11th over – Bangladesh 87-3

Al Hasan notches two off the first ball but looks on in despair after his big hit off the third drops towards Ashwin. It should be an easy catch, but Ashwin has spilt it having got himself in position and Bangladesh get away with one.

India are made to rue that when Al Hasan smashes a big six over mid-wicket and into the stands.


10th over – Bangladesh 79-3

Sabbir Rahman's innings are over after an appeal after he is stumped by Dhoni. Sabbir stumbled, giving the India skipper just enough time to hit the stumps. After that setback, Mortaza entered the fray and responded with a magnificent six down the track.


WICKET! S Rahman st MS Dhoni b Suresh Raina


Bangladesh need 80 more runs from 66 balls


Ninth over - Bangladesh - 67-2

Pandya tries the shorter bowl but Rahman reads it perfectly, whacking it away to fine leg for four. Sabbir Rahman gets a bit lucky with the next delivery, getting an outside edge onto the ball that slices over him and over third man for four. He'll take those.


Eighth over - Bangladesh 56-2

Oh how India needed that. Iqbal's impressive innings comes to an end as Jadeja's delivery flies underneath his bat and into Dhoni who stumps him.


WICKET! Tamim Iqbal (35) st MS Dhoni b Ravindra Jadeja