Indian cricketer Mohammed Shami has hit back at haters after being trolled on social media for posting a picture, where his wife – Hasin Jahan – was seen wearing a sleeveless dress.

Criticising the trolls, the fast bowler on Monday, 26 December tweeted that he "knows what to do and what not to do for his family".

"My child and my wife are my companions in life. I exactly know what to do and what not to do for them. We all need to look inside to know how good we are," Shami tweeted.

On Sunday, Shami had posted a picture of his family on Facebook and Twitter with the caption "beautiful moments", without realising that the picture would draw series of flaks from fanatics.

Some suggested him to "follow Islam" and "ensure that she wears the hijab and modest clothes", while some criticised him for being shameful and "allowing his wife to wear revealing clothes".

"Shame on you. As a Muslim, keep your wife in purdah [covered clothing]. Learn from others," one user wrote on social media.

However, the 26-year-old sportsperson, who is recovering from a knee injury, took to twitter to slam the haters and wrote: "Not everyone is lucky to get what they want in life. Only some have this good fortune. They (wife and daughter) are my partners for life and I know what needs to be done. People should look within to assess how good they are instead."

Former India cricketer Mohammad Kaif, who is also a Muslim, came out in support of Shami and criticised people for posting "shameful comments" on his social media accounts. He added, "There are much bigger issues in this country" than this.

Some other fans of the cricketer also showed support towards him and said they are with him.

This is not first time that a celebrity has been trolled in India for anything. Last week also, Bollywood actors Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan were criticised for naming their newborn baby boy – Taimur Ali Khan – after a 14th Century conqueror.