Kareena Kapoor Khan does not think motherhood will come in the way of her work. The Indian actress, who is five months pregnant, has said she is "proud" of this phase in her life but her condition is not going to be a speed bump for her career.

Speaking to reporters on Monday (22 August) during a product launch in the central Indian city of Mumbai, the Bollywood actress said choosing to stay at home for pregnancy is just a myth and she is hungry to work. "I have been lucky. I can't comment for someone else. But I will pick and choose the best roles that are offered to me. I don't look at Bollywood stereotypes. It's a myth. I do take rest. I rest at the night and work during the day," the 35-year-old actress told reporters.(via news 18)

Earlier, Bollywood director Rohit Shetty had expressed reservations about approaching the actress for a special song for his upcoming movie Golmaal 4 because of her condition. "It would have been easy to call her and tell her to do the film. She would have said, 'Let's do it'. But I can't do that. I can't talk to her (as she is pregnant) to do it (Golmaal 4). It's odd. But let's see we will do a song or something with her."

In response, Saif Ali Khan's wife said: "I am not thinking about that (referring to the song) right now. And why should Rohit be scared of me? In fact, I should be scared of him. Those who have a role for me can come up to me. I am proud of this phase."

The actress also addressed rumours that she has decided to quit her upcoming project Veere Di Wedding. The Udta Punjab star said she is involved with the project and is planning to work on the movie until October and then resume filming after her delivery in December. "I am happy I will be doing work as I choose to be seen. Whichever film I do, I will do it the way I am. Right now we are figuring out the dates (for Veere Di Wedding)."

A source close to the actress has confirmed that she is in talks with the producers to sort out the filming dates for the movie, which also stars Sonam Kapoor. "After Kareena Kapoor Khan spoke to producers — Rhea (Kapoor) and Ekta (Kapoor), they discussed and have come to a common understanding. Kareena will be a part of the film, but she will start shooting only after her delivery. The actress doesn't want her bump to be seen in the film and wasn't feeling well too. So the producers have decided to wait. Sonam Kapoor is also ready to wait coz they want Kareena to be a part of the film," the source told Bollywood Life.