A police officer's complaint about the "bad" quality of food available to them has not gone down well with the Indian establishment. Manoj Kumar, who is posted in Firozabad district in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, has now been sent on leave.

A video of Kumar complaining and sobbing about the "substandard" quality of food served to the police officers living in the barracks has gone viral on Twitter and other social media platforms.

"Policemen are eating this food after 12 hours of duty. Even a dog won't eat this. We can't eat this food. How can we do our duties if we don't have anything in our bellies?" he said, while holding a plate of food that had been served to them.

"Nobody listens to us. I'm hungry since morning, whom should I talk to?" he added, crying uncontrollably in the video. He goes on to talk about how he and his colleagues do not get nutritious food even after doing long hours of duty.

Kumar could also be heard referring to Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath's promise to allot Rs 1,875 (£20) to all police constables for provisions of nutritious food. The video has managed to get thousands of views, with journalists and activists slamming the government for failing to do their job.

"Senior officers... want to cover up the matter by defaming me and by creating the narrative that I am mentally unsound," he said in the video. Kumar told the Times of India that his job is in danger now and that he is being sent on a "long leave."

He added: "I was roughed up and locked in a room after the video went viral on social media. My phone was snatched and the entire data was deleted. They even tried to take me to the Institute of Mental Health and Hospital in Agra."

Meanwhile, Firozabad police have said Kumar has been punished for indiscipline on about 14 occasions in the past. The department has also accused him of being a man "of short temper." According to the Additional Director General (ADG), Agra Zone, Ajay Anand, an inquiry has been ordered to look into the issues raised by the policeman.

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