Islamic clerics in Indonesia are leading tens of thousands of anti-Trump protesters in capital Jakarta over the US decision to recognise Jerusalem as the Israeli capital. Scores of protesters were marching from the main mosque in the Indonesian capital on Sunday, 17 December, in what has been billed as the biggest upheaval anywhere against President Donald Trump's controversial decision.

An estimated 80,000 demonstrators, with many wearing white robes and waving Palestinian flags, took part in the rally at the National Monument (Monas) in central Jakarta. Several of them were carrying banners which read "Indonesia unites for Palestine" in the rally organised by the country's Muslim clerical body.

This was the fourth such rally in Indonesia, which has the world's largest Muslim population, since Trump's announcement in early December.

Heavy police presence was seen at the American diplomatic mission, which is located just 100m from the rally site, to prevent any untoward incident. No violence has been reported so far. More than 20,000 security forces are thought to have been deployed across Jakarta as part of emergency measures.

"We urge all countries to reject the unilateral and illegal decision of President Donald Trump to make Jerusalem Israel's capital," Anwar Abbas, secretary general of the influential Indonesian Ulema Council, told the rally.

He also called on Indonesian Muslims to boycott Israeli and American products until Trump revokes Washington's decision on Jerusalem. This is not the first time such a call has been made.

"Isn't it the government's job to work on the aspiration of the majority of Indonesians? And the government has tried its best so Palestine can achieve its rights and independence," Religious Affairs Minister Lukman Hakim Saifuddin told the rallying crowd.

Indonesia, which does not have diplomatic ties with Israel, had officially condemned the US move with President Joko Widodo saying the decision was in violation of UN regulations.

"We want Palestine to be freed. We support them. We demand world leaders including Jokowi not only to condemn but prepare peace troops to ensure things are fixed," a 30-year-old protester Lukman Abdul Jabar told the Strait Times.

Trump's 6 December announcement on Jerusalem, an ancient city which is at the centre of the Israel-Palestine conflict, has been attracting strong reactions from across the world, particularly Muslim-majority nations.

Indonesia anti-Trump protests
Protesters hold signs during a rally to condemn US President Donald Trumps's decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital, at Monas, the national monument, in Jakarta Darren Whiteside/Reuters