Protesters against the US-made anti-Islam movie Innocence of Muslims have laid seige to western embassies in Sudan and Tunisia, as rage erupted across the Islamic world.

Three people were killed in clashes with Sudanese security forces, as protesters stormed the US compound in Khartoum.

Meanwhile the German embassy in the Sudanese capital has been partially set in fire and the German flag topping the building has torn down and replaced by an Islamic banner.

Staff members were all safe according to the German foreign ministry.

Just 400 metres away the British Embassy was also attacked.

"We can confirm that a demonstration is taking place in front of the embassy and that local police are at the scene," a Foreign Office spokesman said of the situation in Sudan.

In Tunisia protesters broke into the US embassy and a huge fire was started in a car park.

The US flag was torn down and replaced with a black one bearing the message: "There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger."

There were also clashes with secutiy forces in Lebanon, Egypt and Yemen.

Tunisian protesters burn the US flag during a demonstration outside the US embassy in Tunis (Reuters) Reuters