The fun part of attending the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas - besides being in Las Vegas - is the chance to see lots of gadgets; some of them neat, some weird, and some of them life changing. In the past, the challenge of finding the coolest stuff was sometimes difficult amid the chaos that is CES.

This year, though, chip making giant Intel has changed all that, showing off the "best & brightest" of its global "Make it Wearable" challenge. The contest inspired hundreds of ideas with the top nine making it as headliners under the Intel banner at CES.

The grand prize winner, a wrist worn flyable drone by Nixie, has generated lots of interest and was mobbed by the media on Tuesday (January 07). The first wearable video camera, unfolds on command before taking flight and capturing a true Kodak moment from a perspective that would be hard to replicate.

Open Bionics, a British company, earned runner-up status. Through the help of 3D printing, it showed off a low-cost robotic prosthetic hand that offers advanced functionality for a fraction of the cost of traditional prosthetics.