Kirobo, a companion robot that recently returned to Japan from the International Space Station (ISS), was awarded two Guinness World Records on 27 March for being the first robot to have a conversation in space and reaching the highest height as a robot from earth.

Kirobo is a joint project involving car manufacturer Toyota, Japanese advertising agency Dentsu and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (Jaxa).

The companion robot, which left earth in August 2013, described the way our planet was seen from space at an event in Tokyo on Friday, 27 March, saying "earth was like a blue LED light. It was shining".

Japan's first robot astronaut met its human colleague and Jaxa astronaut commander, Koichi Wakata, at the ISS in December 2013 .

Kirobo was sent off to the ISS on a H-2B rocket and carried by the Kounotori 4 cargo spacecraft from Tanegashima Space Center in Japan a few weeks earlier.

The 13"-tall robot which weighs 2.2lbs, conducted experiments in space through verbal orders from Wakata and by remote-control from earth ahead of Wakata's arrival to the space station.