Mobile OS War - Apple iOS 5 versus Google Ice Cream Sandwich
The mobile competition between Google Inc.'s Android and Apple Inc. is getting more intense day by day. Two devices seems to get much hype even before their release date gets finalized -- Apple's next generation iPhone 5 and Google Nexus 4G. Google/IBTimes

In the run up to Google and Samsung's announcement of the Ice Cream Sandwich, we want to know if the iOS 5 can stand up to what Google are calling "the most ambitious release to date."

The iOS 5 is pumped full of extra features that almost makes my iPhone 4 feel like a new product. So what is the Ice Cream Sandwich - the latest Android mobile OS, set for release tomorrow - going to have that Apple could be worried about?

First of all, the ICS corners some niche points that Apple completely ignored, such as the prospect of digital image editing. The supposed leak points to quite a few features which makes the editing software look attractive, even to novices in that area.

What will make it a decent acquisition is that it won't stray too far from Android's roots; it isn't completely new, but simply a huge improvement on Android 3.0 - or Honeycomb - which will impress current users and new users alike.

Andy Rubin, senior vice president of Mobile at Google said: "It's more manageable to start small and get bigger, it's an open invitation; there's no reason not to have everybody in [The Open Handset Alliance] - but I want to hit the ground running, I don't want to take a lot of time on building a list of names."

Android fans are hoping Google have done just that and have gone much bigger, the anticipation is more than most can handle.

We are certain to hear a release date tomorrow night.