iPhone 4S Overcomes Battery Bug: Still Most Popular Apple Smartphone Ever
Apparently even a broken battery and poor call service isn't enough to break Apple fans' spirit.

According to a new study, Apple's recently released iPhone 4S boasts the highest customer satisfaction levels ever recorded by an Apple smartphone.

According to a recent study by ChangeWave Research, roughly 96 per cent of iPhone 4S owners are satisfied with their smartphone. Specifically, ChangeWave reported that 77 per cent of the survey respondents had said they were "very satisfied" with their new iPhone and 19% responded saying they where "somewhat satisfied."

At the opposite end of the scale, ChangeWave reported that only one per cent of respondents had said that they were "very unsatisfied" with the device.

The new study marks a minor increase in the customer satisfaction levels recorded in a similar ChangeWave study carried out about the iPhone 4. Done just after the device's release, ChangeWave reported that 72 per cent of those surveyed said they were "very satisfied" with the iPhone 4 with a further 21 per cent saying they were "somewhat satisfied."

The news comes in the face of wide reports by consumers of battery problems on the iPhone 4S -- a problem yet to be fixed by Apple. Other reported bugs in the device, include static sounds during voice calls and volume drops when using a wired headset with the device.

Analysts have since speculated that the continuing satisfaction levels surrounding the iPhone 4S could be indicative of lowered consumer expectation levels. Nearly all the high end smartphones currently hitting the market have launched with everything from minor, to at times severe bugs.

Most recently Samsung's Galaxy Nexus launched with a major volume drop bug that left users unable to hear incoming message and call notifications.