Apple users hoping to get an untethered jailbreak for their iOS 5 devices are going to have to wait longer, as jailbreakers Greenpois0n declare "war" on Apple.

The hackers were apparently close to providing an untethered jailbreak for the iPhone 4, 4S, iPod touch and iPad on iOS 5, but Apple has reportedly countered by patching up vulnerabilities in the code that the hackers were exploiting.

One hacker, posixninja, said: "I was excited to announce that the Chronic Dev team has already discovered 5 different exploits for use in our upcoming jailbreak. Unfortunately, that announcement was a bit premature, because in the subsequent weeks, Apple found & patched a (critical) few of these exploits."

By patching these exploits, Apple has stopped the Greenpois0n team from providing an untethered jailbreak - currently a 'semi-tethered' jailbreak is the best alternative.

"As I hinted earlier this week on Twitter, I was initially disheartened to think that so many of the countless hours we've worked on this jailbreak seemingly went right down the drain," said the hacker.

"Not to mention, these are by no means the first exploits that have been 'lost' by Chronic dev in this manner. In fact, these are just a few in a long-running series of exploits that were patched by Apple before we hackers could make use of them in a free jailbreak for you, our loyal fans."

The hacker, who goes by the name posixninja, continued to threaten Apple: "Well, to be frank...this is bull---!!! And now, Chronic Dev is ready to turn this little information battle into an all-out, no-holds-barred information WAR."

Following this declaration of war, the hacking Web site added that it would unveil its "new master plan" which it hopes will prevent such patching by Apple in the future, and enable them to use the site's readers to find more exploits.

Meanwhile, an iPhone hacker who goes by the Twitter name @musclenerd, announced on Sunday: "Crazy Thanksgiving weekend! Very promising 4S unlock is in the works (Not i4, just 4S..that's crazy part)", and attached a photograph (below) as proof. This means that the iPhone 4S - but not the 4 - will be unlocked soon.